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About Company

Apex Makalu Hydropower Limited is a hydropower development company having the distinction setting up of its hydropower project namely Mid Hongu Khola 'A' having installed capacity of 22 MW. The company was incorporated on B.S. 2073/07/09 pursuant to Companies Act, 2006.

The main objective of the company is to generate hydropower electricity through optimal use of water resources, which ultimately fulfills the demand of electricity of the country. The project is located in Mahakulung VDC of Solukhumbu disrict of Nepal. It is financed with 25% Equity and 75% credit. Amongst the 25% Equity, Synergy Power Development Limited holds 40% of the Equity portion. The project is financed by Sanima Bank Ltd. as the Lead Bank, Nepal Credit & Commerce (NCC) Bank Ltd. as the Co-lead Bank and Kumari Bank Ltd. as Participating Bank.


To improve the lives of local people making electricity as a driving force. To become the leading power generating company by adopting the global best practices.


To work as the largest and one of the leading power company in Nepal and to contribute the optimal utilization of water resources including technical viability, financial sustainability, and environmental and social equality.


  • Production, generation, transmission, and distribution of hydroelectricity from various rivers and rivulets of Nepal after detailed investigation, research and study of the hydroelectricity potential and feasibility.
  • Construction, maintenance and operation of powerhouse, transmission and distribution line and other civil infrastructures for the production and distribution of hydroelectricity.
  • In consideration to the need and demand of electricity, production and distribution of electricity from other alternative sources of energy like solar, biogas, wind.
  • Infrastructure analysis, feasibility studies, designs and conduct trainings related in the field of social development, infrastructure and other appropriate technology.
  • Conduct different types of survey (detailed and feasibility), design and construction supervision of Hydropower Projects and Renewable Energy.
  • Conduct detail investigation and studies in disaster prevention and mitigation technology (Land use mapping, Hazard and Risk analysis) pre and post natural and manmade disaster assessment, research and investigation.
  • Information dissemination, impact assessment and community-oriented development works in the field of energy, environment, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction, and infrastructure development.